Alvin Chau and 11 others who operate online casino to be transferred to Macau Procuratorate for investigation


28th November 2021 – (Macao) The Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province issued a case report on Friday (26th), stating that Alvin Chau, the chairman of Macau Suncity Group, was suspected of committing crimes of opening a casino in China, and Wenzhou People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest.

Macao police arrested 11 persons involved in the case yesterday and brought them back to the police station for investigation. The Judicial Police Department of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government said today (28th) that the mastermind, Alvin Chau and the remaining 10 people have been arrested, and the relevant persons will be transferred to the Macau Procuratorate for investigation.

The Judicial Police Department of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government held a special press conference today to reveal the criminal syndicate which was involved in illegal gambling and money laundering crimes. It received intelligence in August 2019 that the illegal syndicate used Macao to operate VIP room business, set up gambling platforms overseas to solicit mainland residents to engage in illegal online gambling, and the illegally obtained property is transferred and laundered through illegal channels such as casino VIP room accounts and underground banks.

The police conducted an in-depth investigation and arrested 11 people in a number of residential units. The persons concerned have admitted to the establishment of overseas gambling platforms and other acts. As for other details of the investigation, they refused to cooperate. During the operation, the police seized computers, servers, telephones and 3 million patacas. As for whether there are other people at large, the relevant authorities did not respond.