Altercation erupts at Causeway Bay Times Square as security guard shoves two individuals, nearly causing a female Tesla passenger to fall


4th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) There are suspicions of excessive force by a security guard at Times Square in Causeway Bay in an incident yesterday. A video clip captured by a car’s rear dashcam has gone viral online, revealing a Tesla vehicle approaching the parking gate. The female passenger, dressed in hot pants, alights and appears to request the security guard to open the gate. Suddenly, the guard forcefully shoves her, causing her to take two steps back and almost lose her balance. When the male driver disembarks and tries to intervene, the security guard becomes even more furious, throwing his cap on the ground and unzipping his jacket. He proceeds to push the male driver away. Another staff member arrives at the scene, prompting the security guard to leave in a huff. The staff member then opens the gate, allowing the two individuals involved to board the vehicle and leave. The video clip, which lacks context, has sparked intense discussions among netizens, with many expressing outrage and calling for police intervention.

The footage, lasting approximately 51 seconds, was captured by the rear dashcam of a vehicle trailing behind the Tesla. The incident occurred at around 6pm yesterday evening. In the beginning of the clip, the Tesla is seen parked near the entrance gate of Times Square’s parking lot. The proper exit requires a left turn, while right turns are prohibited. It appears that the Tesla intended to make a right turn but was blocked by the gate.

Subsequently, the female passenger, wearing short pants and a striped shirt, alights from the vehicle and walks towards the gate. A male security guard, wearing a reflective vest and a cap, approaches her in an agitated manner, repeatedly touching his cap and seemingly muttering to himself. He points at her with his right hand before forcefully shoving her on her right side. She takes two steps back and nearly loses her balance.

Upon witnessing the incident, the male driver of the Tesla immediately exits the vehicle and attempts to engage in a discussion with the security guard. In response, the guard angrily throws the driver’s cap on the ground and unzips his jacket. Amidst the argument, the security guard pushes the male driver in the chest, causing him to step back.

After approximately half a minute of verbal confrontation, a male staff member wearing a uniform arrives at the scene to investigate. The involved security guard then brushes off his sleeves and departs from the scene. The video clip shows the Tesla’s male driver apparently explaining the incident to the staff member, who gently taps the driver’s arm before proceeding to the gate and opening it. The male driver subsequently returns to the vehicle, while the female passenger continues conversing with the staff member. The clip concludes without revealing the cause of the dispute.

The video clip has spread rapidly on social media platforms, sparking intense discussions among netizens who are eager to learn the full context of the incident. However, the person who uploaded the clip clarified that there is no prequel to the events captured and stated, “Sorry, there is no backstory. This is how it unfolded.” Many individuals have condemned the security guard, stating that his actions could potentially constitute assault and advocating for reporting him to the authorities.

Some individuals have come to the defence of the security guard, questioning why a private vehicle would forcefully challenge a security guard who is simply carrying out their duties. They ask, “Why did the woman insist on going against the flow of traffic?” Others argue, “The security guard should open the gate according to the traffic signals. Why make things difficult for the guards?” However, some netizens have countered these opinions, stating that the gate is usually opened to allow right turns.