Altercation at Tsuen Wan Plaza restaurant as father reacts to baby chair kick


7th June 2024 – (Hong Kont) An online video has recently surfaced depicting a family of three dining at a restaurant in Tsuen Wan Plaza. The footage reveals an incident where it is believed that a waiter accidentally kicked the baby chair on which the father’s daughter was seated. This action triggered an intense reaction from the father, who expressed his extreme dissatisfaction by repeatedly verbally abusing the waiter, The father’s anger escalated to the point where he forcefully threw the baby chair away. He even grabbed another empty chair, assuming a threatening posture, and threatened to report the incident to the authorities. In response, his wife, holding their infant daughter, moved away to avoid being involved in the altercation.

Several waitstaff members at the scene continuously apologised to the father, urging him to remain calm. However, despite their efforts, the father persistently insulted the waitstaff using offensive phrases. The verbal exchange between the two parties intensified, resulting in physical shoving and pushing. At one point, the staff members contemplated resorting to physical force but were restrained by their colleagues. The situation became chaotic, and both sides engaged in a brief physical altercation. An eyewitness claimed to have seen one of the staff members entering the kitchen, but it is unclear what happened afterward. Criticism arose among observers, questioning why such a minor incident escalated to this level. Consequently, other diners chose to leave the restaurant to avoid further complications.

Throughout the confrontation, the father repeatedly resorted to vulgar language. In response, the male waiter finally snapped and engaged in a physical altercation. The incident was captured in a two-minute video and initially uploaded to a local Facebook group. It was subsequently shared in other groups and forums for discussion. Although the incident took place at a restaurant in Tsuen Wan Plaza, the exact date and time remain undisclosed.

The video shows a partially blond-haired father using explicit language as he accuses one of the male waitstaff members, mentioning his daughter. Several employees approach to mediate the situation, while the father’s wife remains seated, holding their young daughter. The staff members emphasise that they have already apologised, but the reason behind the conflict is not yet fully explained.

The video has garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with users expressing their opinions and sharing their own experiences related to customer service and conflicts in restaurants. Many viewers criticise the father’s extreme reaction and his use of vulgar language, while others express sympathy for the waitstaff who had to deal with the confrontation. Some debate the appropriate response from both parties, discussing whether the father’s anger was justified or if the waiter should have handled the situation differently.