Altercation among South Asian locals turns violent, car chase in Tsim Sha Tsui ends in collision, one injured

Wai Ching Street

17th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent incident on Jordan’s Wai Ching Street, law enforcement received a report from concerned citizens around 8pm on the 17th, indicating a disturbance involving more than ten individuals of South Asian descent. It was suspected that a dispute had taken place. Upon arrival, authorities found that the group of individuals had quickly dispersed, with some fleeing the scene in two separate private vehicles. Despite their efforts, the law enforcement personnel were unable to intercept the suspects. However, two individuals were discovered at the scene with injuries to their head and back. One of them claimed to have been robbed of approximately HK$10,000 in cash. Following this, law enforcement officers patrolled the area in their vehicles in an attempt to apprehend the suspects. They encountered one of the suspected vehicles and signalled the driver to stop.

However, the occupants of the private vehicle refused to cooperate. Instead, they accelerated and recklessly weaved through the streets, frequently changing lanes. The law enforcement officers pursued the vehicle closely, chasing it until the intersection of Chatham Road South and Cameron Road. At this point, it appears that the driver of the private vehicle, perhaps due to panic or exhaustion, lost control and collided with another private car. During the collision, one of the individuals involved in the earlier incident fled from the suspect vehicle but was eventually apprehended by the authorities. Meanwhile, a woman in the struck vehicle sustained injuries to her back and was conscious when she was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. The law enforcement officers are currently conducting an investigation and interrogating the arrested individual to ascertain the full details of the incident.