Almost 5 million Wuhan residents successfully escape from the city before lockdown, some develop fever symptoms (Updated)


23rd January 2020 – (Hong Kong)  Since 10am today, Wuhan city, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak has been put on lockdown by the government. The city is in effective quarantine, with air, bus, ferry and rail terminals all closed in a bid to prevent people leaving the city and potentially spreading the disease even further around the country.

However, according to sources, close to 5 million esidents from Wuhan managed to leave the city via Hankou railway station and Wuchang railway station yesterday upon hearing that the city would be put on lockdown.

Many of them showed off their successful escapade on WEIBO while a few already developed fever symptoms. One of them even said that he planned to go to Disneyland in Shanghai.

After the city was put on lockdown today, many residents were seen fighting against each other in the local market to purchase groceries.

The mayor of Wuhan, China, confirmed recently that about five million people left the city before the lockdown last week to slow the spread of coronavirus. Mayor Zhou Xianwang said about 9 million people remained in the city after the quarantine started on Thursday.