Alliance23 group collects over 2.28m signed petitions in support of National Security Law in Hong Kong


23rd March 2020 – (Hong Kong) The “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” has been included in the agenda of the National Congress of  the Communist Party of China for deliberation. The “Alliance23”, a group that has been promoting Hong Kong ’s legislation on Article 23 of the Basic Law, today (23rd) said that the group has collected more than 2.1 million joint petitions online and more than 180,000 signed petitions collected from the public in the past three months. A press conference was held this afternoon by key members of Alliance23 group including Legislative Councillor, Junius Ho.

The group also emphasised that both Article 23 and the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” are aimed at safeguarding national security and help Hong Kong stop the current social unrest. It also emphasised that the legislation is consistent with the Basic Law and the principle of one country, two systems. The group will explain the difference between Article 23 and the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” to the public so that they can understand the benefits of the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law”.

Kacee Ting, a lawyer also pointed out that the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” can plug in the legal loopholes in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong currently has no laws against collusion with foreign forces, dividing and subverting the city and organisation of terrorist activities. It is a national law, and the scope of restrictions is extended to foreigners in Hong Kong, so it can plug in the loophole.

As for establishing a national security agency in Hong Kong, another barrister estimated that the agency would be similar to the CIA in U.S, and the law enforcement authority is still believed to be responsible by the relevant departments of Hong Kong. The barrister further pointed out that so far only the draft legislation has been revealed. After the National Congress made clear provisions and definitions, the public will have a clearer picture.