Alleged sex tape involving Miss Hong Kong Denice Lam sold to media outlet, police report filed by TVB


    25th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) The current Miss Hong Kong champion Denice Lam has had many negative news involving her father and personal finance after she won the title.

    Earlier it was revealed that she had talked about her sexual partners. It was even rumoured that Denice owed HK$500,000 in credit cards. Denice was said to have participated in Miss Hong Kong in order to pay off her debts but she subsequently denied.

    It was revealed today that someone claimed to have a pornographic video of Denice. It was reported today that someone sold a short pornographic video of her to a media outlet and also pointed out that the main person in the video is Denice.

    When Denice was questioned by media reporters over the video, she denied it was her in the video. TVB has already assisted her to report to police over the incident.

    The perpetrator provided two pictures and a video, including a headshot of the woman in the film and picture of half-naked woman having sex with a man on the bed. However, after comparing the photos of the person in the video, it was found that there was a discrepancy with Denice’s appearance, and it was suspected to be a Japanese AV clip. Denice also responded that she knew it was not her at a glance. She also expressed that she knew the perpetrator and hoped that the person would stop disparaging her.