Alleged offspring of 76-year-old Mr. Ho announce “war,” refusing responsibility for supporting father’s new younger wife

    Source: TVB

    14th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recent episode of “TVB Scoop,” the ongoing saga of “Mr. Ho’s new wife” has ignited a citywide debate, with netizens eagerly following the elaborate explanations provided by the “new Mrs. Ho” while enjoying their popcorn. The latest episode of “Mr. Ho’s new wife” saw a direct response to the online community, as Mr. Ho boldly proclaimed, “I consider them (netizens) to be mad dogs! They have no interest in the development of my family affairs. They are simply obsessed with the antagonists. The ‘new Mrs. Ho’ also asserted, “Because I value my reputation greatly! Evil cannot triumph over righteousness! We are honest individuals who will steadfastly walk the right path.”

    Throughout the episode, Mr. Ho repeatedly mentioned how his children had taken away all the money, stating that his youngest daughter had withdrawn HK$4.5 million without his consent. He further claimed that the five children would equally divide the family fortune. Following the broadcast, a myriad of netizens flooded the “Mr. Ho and Mrs. Ho Support Group” to engage in discussions. Among the comments, one post caught attention, with an individual claiming to represent Mr. Ho’s children responding.

    The alleged statement from the “representative of Mr. Ho’s children” reads as follows: “Greetings, everyone. I am the representative of Mr. Ho’s children. The withdrawal of HK$4.5 million from the bank was solely for the purpose of safeguarding the interests of the Ho family. Naturally, we will take full responsibility for our father’s future needs. However, when it comes to supporting our father’s new wife, we have unanimously decided against it, as we neither see it as necessary nor our obligation. If the ‘new Mrs. Ho’ has any objections, we welcome her to seek legal recourse to resolve the matter. Furthermore, during this period, we, the five children of the Ho family, will also take legal action to recover any assets acquired by the ‘new Mrs. Ho’ from our father. This announcement is made through this platform.”