Allegations arise that Chinese singer Na Ying’s sister forced “Sing! China” contestants to sign contracts

    CoCo Lee (left) and Na Ying (right).

    21st August 2023 – (Jiaxing, Zhejiang) In recent weeks, Sing! China reality show has been embroiled in a series of scandals, with several participants coming forward to expose alleged unfair practices and questionable behind-the-scenes operations. Among these revelations, one of the most shocking involves leaked audio recordings of the late CoCo Lee, where she allegedly voiced her grievances about the show’s lack of fairness. Participants such as Li Jiajie, Wang Zepeng, and Zhou Feige have also stepped forward to expose the show’s alleged misconduct and potential manipulation. Adding fuel to the fire, more contestants, including Yang Can and Haixing Xu, have recently taken to social media to unveil further shocking details, implicating none other than Na Ying, a renowned mainland Chinese singer and a former mentor on the show.

    One of the show’s first-season contestants, Haixing Xu, recently shared a post revealing that she was coerced into signing an unfair contract by Ge Liang, the show’s artistic director, and Na Ying’s sister, Na Xin. According to Xu, she was threatened that her career in the entertainment industry would be ruined if she refused to sign the contract. Na Xin, who has been accused of being one of the founders of the company responsible for bringing Sing! China to the public, quickly issued a statement on her social media, vehemently denying these allegations. She emphasised that she is not associated with the company anymore and claimed to have no knowledge of Xu or the situation. Na Xin clarified, “I am not the boss of Canxing (the company that introduced Sing! China), and I have long left Dream Voice (the company that signs the show’s contestants). It was merely a significant part of my past work experience, which can be verified on the National Information Disclosure website. Someone is using my name to do unethical things, but I am just an ordinary person and do not possess the power to manipulate situations.”

    In response to the allegations of pressurising contestants into signing unfair contracts, Na Xin stated, “The so-called contract story circulating online has nothing to do with me. It is a fabricated plot by someone I don’t even know. They have a vivid imagination, and the story they created is attention-grabbing. However, I am incapable of doing such things, and it is not within my capacity.” She made every effort to distance herself from the controversy.

    Additionally, CoCo Lee’s close friend, Han Hong, a mainland Chinese singer, publicly expressed support for CoCo and called for an investigation by relevant authorities into the Sing! China incident. Han Hong also emphasized the need to establish regulations to prevent similar incidents in the future. She stated, “As an individual, I cannot investigate or judge a complex event involving multiple parties. I look forward to the investigation by the higher authorities and the establishment of regulations to deal with such incidents. As a friend of CoCo, I believe she is a kind and honest person. I trust her and empathize with her. Regardless, I hope that the current CoCo can let go of all the sadness and pain, break free from all the chaos, and continue to be the happy and charming person she was when I first met her. Coco, take care.”

    The recent controversies surrounding Sing! China have raised serious concerns about the integrity and transparency of the popular singing reality show. As the investigations unfold, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken to address these allegations and ensure a fair and unbiased platform for aspiring singers in the future.