All quotas, advanced booking requirements and PCR test cancelled for cross-border travel between HK, Macao and Mainland starting 6th Feb (Updated: 11.08am)


3rd February 2023 – (Hong Kong) The joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council announced on Friday (3rd) that from next Monday (6th), personnel exchanges between the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao will be fully resumed, and the ports adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao in the Mainland should be opened as much as possible. Meanwhile, Lo Wu Control Point will also resume operations.

Starting from the 6th of this month, the Mainland will cancel the advanced booking requirements and quotas for cross-border travel through Guangdong-Hong Kong land ports.

If Hong Kong and Macao travellers have no history of overseas residence within the last 7 days, they do not need to present the 48-hour COVID-19 nucleic acid test results (PCR) to enter Mainland.

Those who have a history of overseas travel within the last 7 days are required to hold a nucleic acid test certificate 48 hours before departure; infants and young children aged 3 and under are exempt from nucleic acid testing. Group tourism activities between Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau will also resume at that time. After arriving at the port, Hong Kong and Macao arrivals will complete the necessary cross-border procedures with the health declaration code procedure. Those who have a normal health declaration and no abnormalities in the routine quarantine at the ports can travel freely while those who have abnormal health declarations or have symptoms such as fever will be tested by the Customs. After entering Mainland, infected patients should be quarantined at home or in residence or seek medical treatment as required.

In terms of ports, the authorities required that the Mainland’s ports adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao should be opened as much as possible, border control facilitation measures should be fully implemented. Cross-border direct road passenger transport and railway, waterway, and air passenger transport capacity should be fully utilised.