Alien Huang, Taiwanese singer and actor, 36, found dead at home (Updated: 6.30pm)


16th September 2020 – (Taipei) Alien Huang, also known as Xiao Gui (小鬼) Little Ghost, was a Taiwanese singer, actor, television presenter, illustrator and fashion designer. He reportedly died suddenly at his home in Beitou District of Taipei. The body turned stiff when he was found by police. He was 36 years old. The manager has confirmed the news and said that the cause of death will be announced later.

Taipei Fire Department received a report at 11.27 this morning. When the ambulance crew arrived at Xiao Gui’s residence in Sanhe Street, Beitou District, Taipei City, they found that he had already passed away.

Initial investigation by the police revealed that he was at home alone at the time of the incident. It was concluded that when he came out of the bathroom, he slipped and fell injured next to the bedside.

Alien last updated his Instagram story to share a video of his dog more than 22 hours ago. His ex-girlfriend, Rainie Yang broke down when she heard about the news and her husband was also in shock.

Alien Huang was formerly part of Japanese TV Asahi’s disbanded boy band HC3 in 2002 and Taiwanese Rock Records‘ disbanded boy band Cosmo in 2003.

Alien was a close friend with his ex-girlfriend, Rainie Yang, a singer.

Later, as a solo artist, he has now released many albums and has acted in numerous movies and television dramas. He is known as presenter of a popular Taiwanese variety entertainment show, 100% Entertainment, which he left in early 2016. He is the founder and designer of AES (Alien Evolution Studio), a clothing brand which he first established in 2008. He has also published three illustration books in which he expresses ideas and emotions through his writing and drawings in a creative and unique way.