Alibaba founder Jack Ma spotted in Paris amidst speculation of LVMH collaboration talks


12th January 2024 – (Paris) Jack Ma, the renowned founder of Alibaba, was recently photographed in Paris, sparking speculation of potential discussions with the luxury conglomerate LVMH Group. Images circulated on social media show Ma looking refreshed and invigorated, donning a dark coat and light trousers, sporting a new hairstyle and a beaming smile.

Social media users pinpointed Ma’s location as Avenue Montaigne, an affluent street branching off the famed Avenue des Champs-Élysées, known for its congregation of top-tier luxury brands and as a favoured haunt for aristocrats and celebrities.

Media reports suggest that Ma’s Parisian sojourn included an appearance alongside Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, and his sons. This meeting has led to conjecture regarding potential partnership talks. Arnault himself has been seen in the bustling commercial districts of Beijing as recently as last June, a signal of LVMH’s vested interest in the post-pandemic recovery of the Chinese market.

The presence of Ma in Paris, especially within the vicinity of an NBA game and the heart of luxury retail, has intrigued many, considering his reduced public visibility since 2020. Ma’s travels have been closely watched by the global community, with sightings reported across various countries including Spain, Thailand, the Netherlands, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Additionally, reports have emerged that Jack Ma made an appearance at a regular-season NBA game in France, dressed in a jersey alongside Joseph Tsai, the co-founder of Alibaba, and Tsai’s spouse.

Since receding from the public eye in 2020, Ma’s whereabouts have been a subject of significant interest. Since September 2021, he has intermittently been spotted in various countries, including Spain, Thailand, the Netherlands, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, drawing attention to his international movements during a period of heightened scrutiny.