Alex Lo, ex-martial arts athlete, breaks up and reconciles with murdered female yoga instructor multiple times

Insert Picture: Alex Lo

1st July 2022 – (Hong Kong) The 23-year-old female yoga instructor Aqua Chow Wai-yin was murdered in a room at Ritz Carlton Hotel in TST. After the case was exposed, the background of her 28-year-old ex-boyfriend, Alex Lo was shared on social media. Information including his full home address and phone number were revealed. Netizen said that he owes a lot of debts and often assaults women. When he was younger, he represented Hong Kong and won multiple junior martial arts medals. The suspect and the deceased had been together and separated on many occasions. They recently broke up before the fatal accident took place.

Aqua planned to start over her life again and go to the United States to study yoga. However, the suspect did not want to be left behind alone in Hong Kong. He has remained silent since his arrest, and the motive for the murder is still unknown.

Alex Lo, reported to be unemployed, studied at Tak Sun Secondary School in Ma On Shan and lived with his family in Hong Nga Court, Lam Tin He practiced martial arts in his early years and was a member of the Hong Kong Wushu Team. In 2008, he represented Hong Kong in the 2nd World Junior Wushu Championships. He won gold and silver medals in 2 competitions. He has also won the Outstanding Athlete Award.

According to sources, Lo and Chow dated for a period of time. A few months ago, Chow claimed to be threatened by him and went to the Wong Tai Sin Police Station to report to the police. It is reported that she accused her boyfriend of attacking and threatening her with erotic photos. Afterwards, the two got back together again. Recently, Chow decided to break up again. It is reported that at 1.15pm yesterday, Chow’s family went to the Wong Tai Sin Police Station to report the disappearance of their daughter. At 2.30pm, the police contacted Lo based on the information provided by the family. Later, the police checked the CCTV footage of Chow’s apartment and found that Lo had picked up Chow. He was suspected to be related to the murder.

Lo and a lawyer went to the report room of Wong Tai Sin Police Station to surrender himself before handing over a hotel card to the police officer. He has remained silent since.