Airport taxi driver loading luggage into boot hit by another taxi in the queue before sustaining injuries


9th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 11.27pm on Sunday (4th) a taxi driver who was loading passenger’s bags into the car boot was suddenly slammed by another taxi in the queue behind.

After the accident, many passers-by and airport staff came forward to help. They instructed the driver behind to reverse the car. The injured driver then fell to the ground. The female passenger who had boarded the taxi retrieved her luggage and the airport staff arranged to transfer her to a different taxi.

According to the police, the taxi driver behind failed to apply his brake in the queue when left his car resulting in the vehicle lurching forward.

It is reported that the injured taxi driver surnamed Chan (51 years old) suffered injuries to both legs. He was sent to North Lantau Hospital by ambulance. A passenger in the taxi behind reported pain in his knee but he did not need to be sent to the hospital. The male driver who forgot to apply brake was present to assist in the investigation afterwards.