Airport Authority issues statement to passengers with regards to 3-day protest at Arrival Hall Terminal 1, access control to be implemented


8th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Netizens have organised a massive sit-in protest via a TELEGRAM chat group at Arrival Hall, Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport from 9th to 11th August for 3 days consecutively. They will start to gather at 1pm tomorrow.

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) released a statement at 6.20pm today to announce that there have been calls posted online for a public assembly at the airport on 9-11 August. Regardless, the airport will continue to operate normally tomorrow.

Passengers should allow sufficient time for travelling to the airport. Passengers are also advised to check the flight status on the Hong Kong International Airport website or the “HKG My Flight” mobile app, or enquire with the airlines for updated information before coming to the airport.

Meanwhile, an internal Terminal 1 Circular has been issued by the Airport Authority to their staff to ensure smooth operations at Terminal 1 tomorrow. Access control to the Check-in Hall at Terminal 1 will be implemented from 6am to 11.59pm from 9th to 11th August.

Only departure passengers with an air ticket or boarding pass for the next 24 hours and a valid travel document, or airport staff with identity proofs (such as Airport Restricted Area Permit) will be allowed to enter to the check-in aisles at Terminal 1. A layout plan was attached with the circular with regards to the access points.

Circular issued to Terminal 1 staff.
A layout plan was attached with the circular with regards to the access points.

Also, organisers for the 3 day protest have recently released a series of new pamphlets to be given to tourists arriving at Terminal 1 in the next 3 days.