Airport Authority announces over 300 flights cancelled after 4.50pm today (Updated 5.30pm)


13th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Over 300 flights cancelled after Airport Authority announced this afternoon due to presence of mass protesters affecting airport operations. Only those who have completed their check-in before 4.30pm were allowed to depart. However, inbound flights will continue to land at Hong Kong International Airport. All check-in services have been suspended at 5.25pm. Meanwhile, all shops near Departure Hall, Terminal 1 have closed since 5.05pm while shops at Terminal 2 Departure Hall remained opened.

Special notice to inform passengers that all flights have been cancelled.

Due to the high passenger traffic in the airport, the hourly parking spaces of Car Park 1 & 4 were also fully occupied. Also, the long term parking spaces for private cars were nearly full. Passengers were advised to make use of public transport when traveling to the airport.

Disruption at departure area caused the access to both South and North Immigration channels to be closed at 4.43pm.

Protesters occupied Terminal 2 at 5pm today.