Aircrew members arriving in HK from high-risk areas to undergo quarantine for 21 days


27th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong has tightened its aircrew quarantine arrangements. The Hong Kong Government announced today (27th) that the aircrew members who were originally exempted from quarantine will begin on the 23rd of this month. All crew members who have visited designated areas with extremely high risk in the past 21 days will need to self-quarantine for 21 days at a designated quarantine hotel, Headland Hotel or Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel.

Designated areas with extremely high risk include South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Ireland. The Hong Kong government also stated that all crew members must take point-to-point transportation arranged by the airline to and from the airport, or other waiting places and residences designated by the Department of Health (public transportation is not allowed), and they must wear masks throughout the journey.