Air traffic control issues at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport lead to delays on Asian routes including Hong Kong

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

10th July 2024 – (Taipei) In an update released by Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, travel disruptions are expected throughout today, particularly affecting flights destined for Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Middle East. According to the airport authority, stringent air traffic control measures across these regions have necessitated these delays, with the situation anticipated to persist for the entire day.

Travellers intending to fly from Taiwan’s largest airport are advised to contact their respective airlines for the latest flight information. The airport’s website also provides contact details for all airlines, helping passengers to verify any changes to their travel plans directly. The airport has urged passengers to confirm their flight statuses before heading to the airport and to exercise patience, thereby minimizing inconvenience.

Furthermore, the Civil Aviation Administration of Taiwan has signalled additional disruptions at Taipei Songshan Airport. Starting from 1.35pm today, ground operations were temporarily suspended due to adverse weather conditions, particularly thunderstorms, affecting several flights. Passengers and those expecting arrivals are encouraged to stay updated via their airlines to manage any potential disruptions effectively.