AI-generated nude photo of Chinese social media influencer sparks outrage, raises concerns of cybercrime


2nd April 2023 – (Guangzhou City) In a recent incident, a photo of a female social media influencer falsely depicted as naked in Guangzhou’s metro station was circulated on social media. The image was fabricated using an AI-powered software that generates nude photos with just one click. However, the original photo, of a well-known female social media influencer wearing shorts and a vest, was tampered with and altered to create the fake nude image.

The incident has sparked outrage, with netizens expressing concerns over the use of AI technology for cybercrime. Although the use of AI software that generates nude photos has been banned, it is still readily available on the internet. The software uses a sophisticated algorithm that creates realistic-looking images, making it challenging to distinguish between genuine and fabricated photos.

The fashion blogger, who has remained anonymous, has vowed to take legal action against those who created the fake photo. The blogger’s reputation has been tarnished by the image, and she has received a significant amount of backlash on social media. Despite this, she remains committed to seeking justice and defending her name.

Netizens have come out in support of the blogger, with many expressing their concerns over the ease with which AI technology can be used to generate fake images. They have called for stricter measures to be put in place to curb the use of such software for malicious purposes.

The incident has highlighted the increasing use of AI technology for cybercrime. The sophistication of the technology makes it easier for malicious actors to create fake images that can cause significant harm to the individuals depicted. This has led to concerns over the rise of AI-powered cybercrime and the need for more robust measures to prevent it.

The use of AI technology has also made it more challenging for victims to defend themselves against such attacks. The speed at which fake images can be generated and shared on social media makes it almost impossible to track down the source of the images and hold those responsible accountable.

The incident has raised concerns over the lack of regulations governing the use of AI technology. While the software that generates nude photos has been banned, there are still numerous other AI-powered tools that can be used for malicious purposes. This has led to calls for stricter regulations to be put in place to curb the use of AI technology for cybercrime.