AI-designed clothes debut at Hong Kong fashion show

Source: PolyU

The Fashion X AI show in Hong Kong this year featured models wearing clothes that had been designed with the help of an AI-powered tool.

Including over 80 outfits from 14 designers, the exhibited pieces had been created with the help of a software called AiDA, or AI-based Interactive Design Assistant, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

The platform was developed by the Hong Kong-based AiDLab.

“Designers can upload their mood boards, patterns, colour palettes and sketches onto AiDA and then, with a few clicks, their original collections will be generated in a matter of ten seconds,” stated a press release by AiDLab on 19th December.

One of the photos from the fashion show featured a model whose face was obscured by a wrapped black cloth. They wore a ruffled red off-shoulder dress with chunky dark blue motifs, and rubber boots.

Artists and designers are increasingly using AI tools across creative sectors. The launch of a research version of the AI-based chat tool ChatGPT, and a surge of AI art and editing apps such as Lensa are also shining a light on the roles where AI-powered programs and tools could help human creators – or even replace them in the future.

Despite the popularity of AI technology, creators and artists are concerned that the learning models used to create such tools are trained with datasets that use copyrighted work without compensating the original creators.

The Fashion X AI show took place on 19th December.