Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department prosecutes 4 Vietnamese nationals arrested for allegedly selling dog and cat meat for consumption


2nd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), in collaboration with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and law enforcement agencies, conducted a joint operation on Thursday (29th February), resulting in the bust of a suspected case involving the sale and possession of cat and dog meat for consumption in a unit on Shanghai Street, Mong Kok. Approximately 35 kilograms of suspected dog and cat meat, intended for consumption, were seized during the operation. A 50-year-old Vietnamese man was arrested, along with two men and one woman (aged 16 to 43) who were found in possession of recognizance papers.

Following an investigation by the AFCD, today, the four non-Chinese individuals involved in the case were officially charged under the “Cats and Dogs Ordinance” (Cap 167A).

The AFCD emphasised its zero-tolerance policy towards the consumption of dog and cat meat and assured that they would take the matter seriously. According to the regulations, it is illegal for anyone to slaughter any dog or cat for food, regardless of whether it is intended for human consumption. It is also prohibited to sell, use, or allow others to sell or use dog and cat meat as food. Offenders can face a maximum penalty of a HK$5,000 fine and six months’ imprisonment upon conviction.