Agreement between HK and Singapore to establish “travel bubble” between the two reached


15th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) Under theCOVID-19 epidemic, in order to promote limited exchanges and tourism, the Hong Kong government has contacted 11 countries and regions around the world to discuss the establishment of a “travel bubble”, including popular tourist destinations for Hong Kong people i.e. Japan and Thailand.

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Edward Yau today ( 15th) announced that Hong Kong and Singapore have reached an agreement on the “travel bubble”, and it is expected that the plan can be implemented within a few weeks. Edward Yyau said that the relevant agreement is divided into five major points, including that passengers need to produce a negative test report for the COVID-19 infection that the two places mutually recognise. The purpose of passenger travel is not restricted, relevant passengers must take specific flights and transfer passengers are not allowed on the same plane.

The two places can increase or decrease conditions according to the development of the epidemic. Singapore has recently included Hong Kong in the list of areas with “controlled epidemic situation and low risk of imported cases”. Hong Kong tourists who enter Singapore today will have their quarantine period shortened to 7 days.