Agnes Chow released after being detained for over 24 hours at Tai Po Police Station


11th August 2020 – (Hong Kong) Agnes Chow, a former member of Demosisto who allegedly violated the National Security Law was released from Tai Po Police Station at around 11pm this evening and had met with a lawyer during the period. The lawyer said Agnes was tired after two rounds of video interviews. It is understood that she has paid HK$20,000 to be released on bail and HK$180,000 in surety. Joshua Wong was also at the scene to show support.

Agnes Chow said in a media briefing today that since Jimmy Lai and 8 others were arrested yesterday, she was mentally prepared for arrest. Police searched her apartment, her computer, mobile phone and some propaganda materials were seized. She said that the reason for the arrest was unclear. She was accused of using social media to collude with foreign forces since July, but the statement was vague and did not specify the time, event and content. The rationale for the subsequent arrest must be discussed with the legal team. It is not yet known when she will be charged formally. She also alleged that the police confiscated her travel documents in accordance with the National Security Law and Article 43/ She hopes that citizens participating in social movements should be careful.

Since participating in social movements, she has been arrested four times, and this is the “most shocking one”. It is not easy to fight for democracy. After being detained for more than 24 hours, she learned about the support of friends from Hong Kong and overseas through her lawyer. She still received support and encouragement from all over the world.