Ageing HK actor Shawn Yue determined to revive youthful image by playing tennis


    15th April 2024 – (Taipei) Shawn Yue, the popular Hong Kong artist who gained fame after his relationship with Taiwanese tycoon’s daughter, Sarah Wang, has faced criticism in recent years for appearing to age rapidly. Concerns about his health escalated when he shared a video on social media, revealing a worn-out appearance that startled many. Determined to address these concerns, Yue has recently embarked on a rigorous exercise routine to strengthen and tone his physique.

    In a recent social media post, a netizen shared a photo of Yue playing tennis on the court, accompanied by the caption, “I played a tennis match with Shawn Yue. This was probably his first experience with clay-court tennis. He enthusiastically dashed across the court, revelling in the sweat.” The post also disclosed that during his break, Yue shared amusing anecdotes about playing tennis with fellow celebrity Jay Chou. The photo showcased Yue in sportswear, displaying the impeccable form, exhibiting remarkable vigour during his serves, and demonstrating effortless strokes. After the exercise session, Yue successfully rejuvenated himself and appeared in excellent shape.