After William Lai Ching-te’s inauguration in Taiwan, lawmaker Peter Douglas Koon plans to re-propose Chan Tong-kai’s surrender

Insert picture: Chan Tong Kai (left) and Peter Douglas Koon (right). Background picture: William Lai.

20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) As Taiwan welcomes its new government with William Lai taking the oath as the successor to Tsai Ing-wen, the long-standing case of Chan Tong-kai, a suspect in a notorious murder case in Taiwan, remains unresolved. Chan, who is currently in Hong Kong, has expressed his willingness to surrender to Taiwanese authorities, a situation complicated by international and bureaucratic hurdles.

Chan Tong-kai is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Poon Hiu-wing, in Taiwan in February 2018, subsequently fleeing back to Hong Kong. His case triggered a significant political response, leading to proposed amendments to Hong Kong’s extradition laws in 2019, which ignited widespread protests in the city.

After serving a prison sentence in Hong Kong for money laundering charges related to the same case, Chan was released in October 2019. Since then, despite his declared intention to turn himself over to Taiwanese authorities, logistical and legal barriers have prevented his surrender. The core issue lies in Taiwan’s refusal to grant him entry, a stance influenced by the complexities of cross-strait relations and legal frameworks.

Peter Koon Ho-ming, a lawmaker and reverend assisting Chan, reiterated the commitment to facilitating Chan’s surrender, pending the establishment of the new administrative team in Taiwan. “We will continue to press for arrangements with the relevant authorities. However, we believe that it will take some time for the new team to settle before this matter can be addressed,” Koon stated.