After the launch of Huawei and Samsung foldable phones, concept images imagine a folding iPhone X


Excerpts of article appeared on 9to5mac.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold announcement isn’t even a week old yet, and we already have a competitor that is thinner, has a bigger screen, and folds flatter. Launching this very moment at MWC 2019, the Mate X has an 8-inch wraparound OLED display, a folded thickness of a mere 11mm, and a formidable spec sheet highlighted by 5G, a 4,500mAh battery, and Huawei’s in-house Kirin 980 processor.

Picture credit : The Verfe

Foldable News asked Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing to try his hand at an iPhone X take on the concept.

Of course, the beauty of pure concept images is that they don’t have to take any account of real-world technical constraints. It won’t be through choice that Samsung has that small front display and bulging hinge mechanism that makes the Fold bulky when folded. What Gilsing is showing here is something that almost certainly couldn’t be done today.

But that’s not a criticism. The realistic scenario here is that Apple waits until the kind of thing shown here is possible. Until then, it will simply wait and watch.

Gilsing’s design sticks to the same core concept as the Fold: prioritising the main display on the inside. It does get a near edge-to-edge display on the front, but the aspect ratio is compromised in favor of the larger screen inside.

One thing I love about the concept is the clamshell mode. The idea that you could partially unfold the device to type on a flat keyboard.

Essentially this is a modern take on the smartphone designs of old, like this Nokia Communicator in 1996.

1996 version!

The front display has an iPhone X/XS-style notch, while the main screen on the inside has a Samsung-style punch-hole camera in the screen.

The GIF below gives the best impression of it.

Folding iPhone in action

What do you think? If Apple offered this a few years down the road, would you be willing to pay the likely premium it would take to own one?