Adrianna Sung Chih-ling, the 44-year-old TVB host, unveils her lavish 2,000sqf Mid-Levels property and lavish lifestyle

    Adrianna Sung Chih-ling

    20th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Adrianna Sung Chih-ling, the 44-year-old host of TVB program “Big City Shop,” is a well-known single socialite in the entertainment industry. Despite not winning the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1996, she has managed to establish a successful career and become the most affluent among her fellow contestants. In recent years, Sung has also shown an active interest in politics. With her remarkable business acumen, she currently resides in a luxurious 2,000-square-foot property in the Mid-Levels, revealing a life of extravagance that many envy.

    While her rumoured boyfriend, TV presenter Anderson Junior, is known as the “Property King of Yuen Long” and is rumoured to come from a wealthy family with extensive real estate holdings in Canada, Sung Chih Ling is no less impressive. Besides maintaining her career in the entertainment industry, she also works at a securities firm, specialising in stock options trading. She once mentioned, “I wake up at 5am every day to keep an eye on the market.” As an avid fan of Korean culture, Sung has also ventured into Korean business ventures, including running a successful Korean language school. It is said that she travels in a million-dollar Maserati and owns a valuable Borzoi breed of dog worth at least HK$100,000. In addition, she employs three personal assistants, providing meticulous care for her extensive pet collection. Sung explained her decision to hire three assistants, stating, “Originally, I had two workers, one of whom helped my mother. When my mother returned to Korea, this worker proved to be the most reliable and competent, so there was no reason to dismiss her. As for the male assistant, his main responsibility is to take care of my beloved dogs.”

    Sung Chih Ling’s 2,000-square-foot mansion in the Mid-Levels is equally opulent. With a spacious terrace offering breathtaking views of Victoria Harbor and a serene environment, she often hosts BBQ parties for friends and indulges in her favourite pastime of pickling vegetables. The corridors are adorned with precious artworks, reflecting her immense wealth. During a recent trip to Korea to visit her relatives, Sung travelled first class, further highlighting her affluent status. As a mixed-race individual with a Shanghai father and a Korean mother, she participated in the 1996 Miss Hong Kong pageant and secured a basic artist contract with TVB, becoming a regular host on talk shows such as “Big City Shop.”

    Adrianna Sung in her Maserati.
    Adrianna Sung and Anderson Junior
    Adrianna Sung making pickled vegetables.
    Sung’s pet dog.
    She employs three personal assistants, providing meticulous care for her extensive pet collection.