Admin of Hong Kong police force Instagram account allegedly likes an explicit Instagram picture of a popular Taiwanese video blogger


25th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Police have been under intense scrutiny following the violent clashes on 12th June. The police force have been issuing various statements to defend themselves diligently.

On 23rd June, police responded to accusations by several professional bodies with regards to harassment of hospital staff in searching for injured anti-extradition protestors (Read here). Many have called for an independent committee to be set up to look at how police handled the protests.

Summer is a popular video blogger in Taiwan with 257k followers on Instagram.

Meanwhile, a netizen posted on social media today an Instagram picture depicting a popular Taiwanese video blogger who revealed a sideview of her right breast. The picture was liked by the admin of the official Hong Kong Police Instagram account today.

Ironically, the official Instagram ‘hongkongpoliceforce’ account contains the following disclaimer:

Any vulgar or obscene language including threats and violence, intimidating/degrading words, comments of sexual nature or intrusion of privacy, illegal promotions or advertisements will be removed immediately.

We do not know why the admin used the official Hong Kong police force Instagram account to like an explicit picture as he/she should be well aware that their online activities are under scrutiny from the public.

One of Summer’s recent videos that has gone viral.