Additional 102-year-old patient diagnosed with influenza A in Shatin Hospital’s medical ward

Sha Tin Hospital

14th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In response to the recent announcement regarding a cluster of Influenza A infections in a medical and geriatrics ward, the spokesperson for Shatin Hospital provided an update today. A 102-year-old female patient in the affected ward has now exhibited respiratory symptoms. As a precautionary measure, appropriate viral tests were conducted, confirming a positive result for Influenza A. The patient is currently receiving treatment in isolation and remains in stable condition.

To address the situation effectively, the hospital has implemented enhanced infection control measures in accordance with established guidelines. Additionally, all other patients in the ward in question are under close surveillance to monitor for any potential symptoms or developments.

The cases have been duly reported to both the Hospital Authority Head Office and the Centre for Health Protection. This step ensures that necessary follow-up actions can be taken promptly to manage the situation and safeguard the well-being of all patients.