Actress Shu Qi startles fans with bold make-up experiment

    Shu Qi

    5th March 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese actress Shu Qi has recently shared a selfie that has set social media ablaze with reactions. The 49-year-old star, known for her fearless independence and candid online persona, stunned her followers with an unconventional make-up look in an image that was shared over the weekend.

    Shu Qi, whose career has spanned decades, is no stranger to the limelight or to making bold statements. However, her latest look, featuring a stark application of light blue eyeshadow paired with pronounced orange-red blush, has been deemed ‘avant-garde’ by many. The actress herself playfully queried her followers with the caption: “Blush or highlighter?”

    The photo reveals Shu Qi gazing into the camera with wide-open eyes, the unusual colour palette adding an almost theatrical quality to her expression. Fans of the actress, loyal to her authentic style, have had mixed reactions. Some expressed shock and compared the make-up to a clown’s, while others admired the distinctive style. Still, there were those who supported the actress unconditionally, praising her for looking splendid from any angle and likening her to an adorable calico cat.