Actress Jacquelin Ch’ng breaks silence in first video response to JPEX controversy: “The incident has no direct connection to me”

    Jacqueline Ch'ng

    28th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Jacquelin Ch’ng, a 43-year-old Hong Kong actress, recently found herself embroiled in a controversy surrounding the unlicensed operation of the virtual asset trading platform JPEX. The police have already arrested Joseph Lam Chok, and internet personality Chan Yee in connection with the case. Actor Julian Cheung also visited the police station to assist with the investigation. Earlier, Ch’ng, who was in Malaysia at the time, returned to Hong Kong to assist the Commercial Crime Bureau without being arrested. Throughout the ordeal, Ch’ng remained silent and only provided brief responses when questioned by the media. Her use of emojis in response to teasing comments from netizens was seen as arrogant.

    After a week-long break, Ch’ng departed Hong Kong once again to start filming in Foshan. Recently, she finally broke her silence on the JPEX controversy in a video she shot, taking the initiative to address the issue. Filmed inside a tent, presumably during the filming process, Ch’ng explained, “This job was arranged through a broker friend two months ago. It was a financial investment promotion job. I also invested some money in the platform and shared about it on social media. I never expected such an unpleasant event to happen.”

    Ch’ng revealed that she had proactively contacted the police upon learning about the incident. She stated, “After the incident occurred, I voluntarily contacted the police and cooperated with the investigation. I also provided the police with all the information and processes related to my involvement. This incident has no direct connection to me personally. I have reflected on the fact that I should have been more careful and thorough in scrutinising and reviewing these promotional activities. In the future, I will put in more effort, be more stringent, and conduct extensive background checks before engaging in similar work.” Ch’ng expressed gratitude for the continuous support from her friends and assured everyone of her well-being, saying, “Please rest assured, I am fine. I am okay.” She also announced that she plans to hold another live broadcast to meet with her fans.