Actor Ng Man-tat used to pay nearly HK$1,000,000 per month to sustain his 3 families

    Ng Man-tat with Hou Shanyan and their two children.

    28th February 2021 – (Hong Kong) Local veteran actor, Ng Man-tat passed away (27th) at the age of 70 due to llver cancer. For many years since his debut in the film industry, he has been participating in different movies and films and had made many good friends. However, he once publicly said that his relationship with another veteran actor Chow Yun-fat worsened due to ‘monetary’ issues.

    In the 1980s, Ng participated in many filmings of dramas and movies and he made a lot of money but due to his gambling habits, he subsequently ended owing HK$300,000 in gambling debts. At that time, he had no money to pay back, so he asked his best friend Chow Yun-fat for some money but he was refused. A bank even threatened to sue him for bankruptcy and Chow still refused to lend him the money. He mentioned the incident during a TV program. Ng even though of suicide but in the end, he decided to continue to live and faced bankruptcy. Since then, he started to work again and after deducting 1/3 of his earnings for living expenses, the balance sum was handed over to creditors before he finally settled all debts 4 years later.

    Many years later, he finally came to terms as to why Chow Yun-fat did not lend him money. He did not want him to be dependent and he wanted him to stand up on his own. He also praised Chow Yun-fat’s refusal at that time as very wise.

    Ng married his girlfriend, Mak Lee Lee, who was also an artist, at the age of 25 in 1976. The two met in a TVB artist training class. Mak gave birth to twin daughters for Ng soon after their marriage. However, after indulging in gambling, Ng accumulated debts over HK$300,000. Mak then unilaterally filed for divorce, and the two officially ended their 18-year marriage in 1994. Ng reportedly dated another actress, Lo Siuchi during his marriage with Mak. The two also lived together and she gave birth to a daughter.

    He also met his third and current wife Hou Shanyan while filming in Singapore in 1993 when he was married to Mak. In 1996, Hou Shanyan became pregnant while Ng broke up with Lo.

    In the same year, he married Hou Shanyan and she gave birth to a daughter and a son. His children settled with Hou Shanyan in Malaysia.

    Since he had three families, four daughters and one son, Ng had to pay for their living expenses. It is rumoured that he had to give nearly HK$1,000,000 a month to the family members. Later, due to the weak demand in movies, he decreased the allowance to HK$300,000 per family per month. He was working hard in recent years mainly shooting movies in the mainland before he started to fall sick.