Abhigya Anand, the child astrologer who predicted COVID-19 pandemic says the world will be in worse crisis in late November


25th November 2020 – (New Delhi) Abhigya Anand became popular on the Internet for accurately predicting the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the end of July this year, Anand has made a prophecy film that boldly predicted that mankind will face a major catastrophe, and he then disappeared for several months. On 7th November, he made a sudden comeback and made predictions about the astronomical situation and situation in the coming year, and provided a way to deal with it.

Anand released the latest video in early November this year, and put forward the latest predictions and solutions for 2021. He said that in the months since June 2020, the world’s epidemic situation and economy has shown a short-term improvement, but he mentioned that from 20th November to 28th November, 2020, human beings will be affected by KOSHA. On 28th November, Jupiter will enter Capricorn again and conjoin Saturn. The disaster will begin again, that is, the whole world will be in crisis again in late November. This catastrophe is understood as Anand published the prophecy in July that Jupiter and Saturn will be in unity on 20th December, which means that the severity of this crisis will far exceed the COVID-19 epidemic.

Between 19th December and 28th December, Saturn and Jupiter will meet, the light of the two planets in the sky entangled and touched each other, and this entanglement affects the earth and brings ideological fears to humans. There may be wars, plagues, outbreaks of epidemics, economic collapse, and people’s fear the media, governments, and some large institutions will also intentionally or unintentionally strengthen this fear. In addition, Anand said that the vaccine under development is not the solution he mentioned.

Anand said that before February 2021, disasters caused by the encounter of multiple planets will be slowly revealed. Until November 2021, Jupiter will leave Saturn, leave Capricorn before entering Aquarius, the world will then enter a new starting point, and the disasters caused by these celestial events will gradually disappear.

He then proposed 7 methods to solve the crisis:

1. Belief in God – Anand believes that although people have different religions, they should not harm each other, but believe in and love everything that He has created. Humans should love nature, love animals, and stop harming animals and the earth. To help lives, save human and animal lives.

2. Enhance immunity – Anand pointed out that our immunity is used to fight the virus. We must be exposed to sunlight and fresh air, because sunlight can destroy the new coronavirus. At the same time, he reminded human beings not to indulge in electronic technology, and do more exercise to enhance their own immunity, then your immunity will be enough to resist and kill the virus.

3. Unite and spread positive emotions – Anand said: “This time I want to warn everyone in advance. With my meagre, prudent, and humble observations, all I can do is observe the sky and explain my analysis to everyone, but in the end everything is in the hands of each of us. We must stand together and be better prepared for the future so that we are full of positive energy.” Sometimes we have negative emotions. Anand said for example: “Many media will try create panic with my own predictions, but what I did was to warn everyone about what is about to happen.” He said that warnings were raised before, but not many people were observing. Now more people are paying attention, I hope I will benefit and influence more people to do things well.

4. Financial management and investment – Due to the poor living environment in India, some places may require 20 households to share a toilet, which is a bad environment. The investment that Anand said refers to the ability to own a larger place, ensuring that there is enough space to relax, breathe, and live freely.

5. Grow food – Anand encourages everyone to help each other grow food, try to grow various crops at home, or buy seeds to plant in the farm. In addition to being naturally free of harmful substances, it can also prevent food from being monopolised in the future.

6. Pay attention to mental health – Today, many people are affected by repeated epidemics and feel depressed. For example, people who are restricted by the lockdown have no sunshine, no contact with the public, or suffer a lot. Anand urges everyone to spread a positive attitude, hold positive ideas, and help people connect with nature.

7. Integrate with Nature – Anand said that we are making choices in Ayurveda’s natural therapies, as well as symptomatic treatments and scientific methods. For a better future, we must choose the right way. Anand said that people who choose to be close to nature bring great benefits.

The child astrologer has now predicted that something worse than this pandemic will hit the world on 20th December, 2020 and will have its effect till March 2021. How much should we believe him?

According to TJ Berens, Aerospace Defense Consultant at United States Armed Forces, as astrology is for entertainment purposes only, you should treat it accordingly. SO, if you see a cartoon on TV, and a talking cat in a top hat says something will happen, that would be roughly equivalent. “Predicting” that “something bad” will happen, is bunk, as all that people do, due to confirmation bias, is then try to find something bad that happened, so as to say, see, they predicted it. They then ignore all the PRIOR predictions that did not pan out. The entire practice is dependent upon coincidences and confirmation bias errors in reasoning.