Abandoned pug found wrapped in plastic bag in Tsuen Wan dies despite rescue efforts, owner faces backlash and outrage


8th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Animal welfare volunteers discovered a suspicious black bag on a slope near the adoption centre at 178, Tsuen King CircuitTsuen Wan on Monday, 5th June, while they were walking their dogs. Upon opening the bag, they found a young pug dog wrapped in two layers of plastic, barely conscious and in a weakened state. The volunteers immediately took the dog to a veterinary clinic for treatment. Later, a man claiming to be the dog’s owner arrived on the scene and stated that he had purchased the dog online and suspected it had contracted a viral infection. After being turned away by multiple veterinarians, he decided to abandon the dog on the hillside, warning the volunteers to be careful of infection. He even threatened that he would not continue to keep the dog even if it recovered.

Unfortunately, the young pug, named “NICE” by the volunteers, showed no signs of improvement and passed away on the night of June 6th. The founder of the animal welfare centre expressed outrage at the cruel act of abandoning a living creature in a plastic bag to die a slow and painful death. The volunteers also stressed that they will report the incident to the authorities and ensure that justice is served for the dog.