Abandoned pilot uniform with shoe prints found at airport expansion building


2nd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) On 30th November, a jacket believed to belong to a pilot, adorned with four gold stripes, was discovered outside the Hong Kong airport expansion building. The uniform, which bore shoe prints, caught the attention of forum users who speculated about its origin.

The original poster uploaded a photo on the Facebook page “Lost and Found Hong Kong” on 30th November, accompanied by a caption that read, “Found item: Around 7am this morning, at the glass house location of the airport expansion building, I believe it is a pilot uniform! Please come and claim it.”

The uniform, with apparent shoe prints, was placed on a stone step. Sympathetic forum users expressed their regret, suggesting that the uniform had been kicked or stepped on. However, the original poster clarified, “It was probably run over by a vehicle because there is a construction site in front, with a lot of dust. A kind-hearted person picked it up and placed it on the stone step.”

The original poster also estimated that the pilot or flight attendant who had used a taxi might have left the uniform behind. However, forum users had different opinions, questioning whether it had been intentionally abandoned or if the owner had already discarded it, with comments such as “Did he get fired?” and “He probably just got fired.”

Some forum users pointed out that “lost items come in all shapes and sizes” and speculated, “The pilot might be a foreigner who doesn’t understand Chinese…” which could explain why the original poster’s appeal may not have been fully understood. Consequently, one user nonchalantly remarked, “Well, let them be lonely in that spot. The airline will provide them with a new uniform.”