Aaron Shum Wan-lung stands by Sheikh Ali, who bears striking resemblance to former singer Alira and affirms no financial wrongdoing in Hong Kong 

Insert picture: Left: Alira. Right: Aaron Shum Wan-lung

3rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Aaron Shum Wan-lung, the founding president of the Hong Kong – Middle East Business Chamber, revealed today on a radio program that he was aware of Alira’s singing abilities even before the arrival of Alira who is now known as Sheikh Ali Al Maktoum in Hong Kong. Shum disclosed that he had the opportunity to engage with Alira during a small reception, where they exchanged karaoke performances. To his surprise, Alira showcased his singing skills by performing the famous Mandarin song “Jasmine Flower” flawlessly.

Shum further shared that he first met Alira in December of last year and introduced him to Eleanor Mak, the President of the International Business Division of Zhongtang Air Railway Group. During the Chamber’s visit to Dubai in February, they learned that Mak had committed to assisting Alira in establishing a family office in Hong Kong, where Mak now serves as the Vice Chairman. Shum described Alira’s genuine interest in investing in Hong Kong, emphasising that he has shown unwavering commitment to the city.

Earlier, Sheikh Ali Al Maktoum had garnered attention in Hong Kong as the centrepiece of the government’s efforts to promote the establishment of family offices. He had expressed his intention to invest US$500 million in Asia, particularly in AI, electric vehicles, and financial technology. Sheikh Ali had attended the “Health for Good in Hong Kong Summit” on 27th March and was scheduled to attend the grand opening ceremony of the family office the following day. However, he abruptly returned to Dubai, citing an urgent matter.

Alira’s educational background also adds to the intrigue surrounding his talents. According to reports, he obtained a degree in accounting and finance from the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.