Aaron Kwok’s wife Moka Fang stuns in fashionable short kkirts

    Moka Fang

    29th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor and singer Aaron Kwok, and his wife Moka Fang are proud parents to two daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte. The family of four resides in a luxurious mansion on Hong Kong Island, enjoying a blissful and fulfilling life. Fang, who often engages in KOL (Key Opinion Leader) activities and creates video content from the comfort of her home, recently shared a series of stylish and stunning photos taken in their backyard. In the pictures, Fang can be seen wearing two different coloured short skirts, showcasing her slender and flawless legs. Her remarkable elegance as a privileged lady against the backdrop of the beautiful garden has captivated numerous netizens, who couldn’t help but admire the seamless blend of a charming figure and picturesque scenery.