Aaron Kwok and family celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with moon gazing and daughter’s dance performance


    3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Aaron Kwok, widely known as the Heavenly King in Hong Kong, has established himself as a devoted husband and father. During the recent Mid-Autumn Festival, the Kwok family gathered on a rooftop to enjoy the moonlit night. Aaron’s wife, Moka Fang, shared a video clip of their evening on social media, showcasing the family’s festive celebration. Apart from moon gazing and barbecuing, their daughter Charlotte took the spotlight with an impromptu dance performance, capturing the hearts of onlookers.

    Dressed in a vibrant floral qipao and sporting a cute bun hairstyle, Charlotte mesmerized the audience with her dance routine to the popular girl group song “Flower.” Throughout her performance, she skillfully swayed her waist and struck flower-like poses, displaying her adorable charm. Aaron, seated in the centre, was completely captivated by his daughter’s performance. At one point, he couldn’t contain his excitement and applauded to show his support. Moka Fang expressed her delight, stating, “A rooftop BBQ and my sister’s fabulous performance.”

    Charlotte showcased remarkable confidence during her dance, effortlessly moving to the beat and inheriting her father’s excellent dancing genes. Netizens showered her with praise for her skills and adorable stage presence.