76-year-old singer George Lam spotted dining with former rumoured girlfriend

    Insert picture: George Lam. Middle: Fiona.

    14th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer George Lam, in Chinese, and his wife Sally Yeh, have been happily married for 27 years. The couple has always displayed a strong bond and continues to enjoy life together, often seen engaging in various activities and outings. Recently, fans were delighted to spot Lam and Yeh dining at a restaurant in Hong Kong. Accompanied by a group of friends, the couple seemed to be having a wonderful time. However, sharp-eyed netizens quickly noticed a familiar face sitting across from Lam. It turned out to be Fiona, Lam’s former rumoured girlfriend.

    Despite being married for nearly three decades, George Lam and Sally Yeh have maintained their love and affection for each other.

    A video clip capturing the chance encounter between Lam and Yeh during their dinner was shared on the popular social media platform, Xiaohongshu. The uploader, intrigued by the meeting, asked fellow users, “Can you recognize these two veteran Hong Kong singers having dinner together?” Netizens swiftly identified the woman sitting opposite Lam as his former rumoured girlfriend, Fiona Yuen. Comments flooded in, with remarks such as, “The grey-haired man on the far left is Yuen’s boyfriend,” and “It’s astonishing how rumours can be so baseless.”

    However, some comments suggested that the man on the far left, with grey hair, was Fiona’s current boyfriend.

    There were claims that during Lam’s 67th birthday concert in Macao back in 2014, his wife Sally Yeh was notably absent. Instead, a young woman took charge of the arrangements and acted as the hostess, leaving onlookers intrigued. According to reports, this woman was initially a fan of Lam’s. At the time, Fiona Yuen was dating Edgar Cheng, the former son-in-law of the late shipping magnate Pao Yue-Kong. Lam and Cheng had become friends through their shared passion for golf, and it was through this connection that Lam and Yuen were introduced. When the rumours surfaced, both Lam and Yeh denied any marital issues. Yeh explained that she had to stay in Hong Kong to take care of her unwell mother, leading to the last-minute cancellation of their trip to Macao. Lam, on the other hand, stated that Yuen and Cheng were his good friends.