A timeline of the events in Abby Choi murder case, victim allegedly maintains good relationship with ex-husband (Updated)

The village house where Abby Choi's dismembered body parts were found.

25th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) New CCTV footage has emerged regarding the disappearance of Abby Choi on 21st February. The footage reveals that approximately one hour after her disappearance, two white Toyota 7-seater vehicles were seen driving towards the village house in Lung Mei Village where it is believed that Choi was mutilated and parts of her body were cooked into soup. One of the vehicles had a local license plate while the other had a China-Hong Kong license plate. It is suspected that one of these vehicles was used to transport the unconscious Choi on Lung Mei Road in Tai Po at 3.12pm on the same day.

The murdered victim, Abby Choi, was en route to pick up her daughter from Hong Kong Science Park in Tai Po on the 21st February. Choi’s former brother-in-law, Anthony Kwong, was supposedly driving her to the destination in a Toyota seven-seater vehicle with a local licence plate.

According to a local media report, prior to entering the Lion Rock Tunnel, Choi’s ex-husband, Alex Kwong Kong-chi, suddenly joined them in the vehicle, and a heated argument ensued between the estranged couple. The altercation resulted in Choi sustaining severe injuries, which left her in a coma. Subsequently, the vehicle reached Lung Mei Village in Tai Po at around 3.12pm on the same day, where the crime allegedly took place. Alex, Anthony, and their father allegedly killed and dismembered Choi.

One of the vehicles that was believed to be carrying Choi had a license plate that matched the seven-seater vehicle found outside the village house, which is suspected to have been used to transport her remains. A CCTV footage later captured Anthony Kwong carrying a white plastic box, which allegedly contained the remains of the deceased. Wong was then seen putting the box in the 7-seater vehicle with a China-Hong Kong license plate before driving away. It is suspected that Choi’s former father-in-law drove the same vehicle to Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Tseung Kwan O where some of the body parts including her head and hands were disposed of. Police are still trying to ascertain whetherthe village house is the first crime scene.

Choi’s close acquaintance of 5 years, Jo-yee Pao communicated with her through an online app for the last time on 21st February at 2.02pm. Shortly after, Choi boarded the white 7-seater vehicle allegedly driven by Anthony Kwong, her former brother-in-law, at the basement of Kadooria at  111-133 Kadoorie Ave, Kadoorie Hill, HK in Ho Man Tin. It was originally planned that Choi would go to Hong Kong Science Park to pick up her daughter shared with her ex-husband from school after driving for about 20 minutes by Anthony Kwong. However, she fainted in the car and was taken to a village house in Lung Mei Village, Tai Po before she was found dead. Pao was also one of the netizens who offered HK$1m on top of another HK$1m offered by Tam’s family for any information leading to the arrest of Alex Kwong.

Post by Jo-yee Pao shared on Facebook.

According to Pao, Choi, who had started a new family, had a cordial relationship with her ex-husband, Alex Kwong. Even her current husband (not legally married), the son of founder of TamJai Yunnan Mixian, Chris Tam, socialised with the two regularly. However, Choi’s attempt to sell the Kadoorie Hill property sparked ire within her ex-husband’s family, ultimately leading to her untimely demise. When Choi went missing, her family alerted the police, fearing that she had been abducted. Pao recalled that on 23rd February, Alex Kwong contacted Choi’s family, expressing disappointment that he had not been informed before the police were called.

Notably, Pao revealed that Alex had a criminal history related to a gold fraud case and had been on the run for a long time before he was caught. Choi, who hailed from a wealthy family, was a second-generation affluent individual, and everyone in their social circle knew that Choi had maintained positive relationships with both her ex-husband and her current spouse. The trio had frequently dined together, including during their New Year celebrations. Even Chris’s parents treated Choi’s children from her previous marriage as their own grandchildren. However, Pao said that Choi did not know Alex was a wanted criminal all this while. Pao also added that Alex likes to show-off by spending tens of thousands of dollars a night whenever he visits Mainland.

Despite their divorce, Choi continued to support Alex’s family. She even arranged for him, his parents, and two children to live in an apartment in Kadoorie Hill, and provided financial assistance for Alex’s brother, Anthony, to purchase a home under the subsidised-sale public housing scheme. Recently, Choi had decided to sell her apartment in Kadoorie Hill, which she had bought but was registered under her former father-in-law’s name. Sources revealed that she sought legal advice and was informed that she could claim the sale proceeds if she could prove that she had paid for the property. To facilitate the sale, she engaged a real estate agent to bring in potential buyers. However, this move drew criticism from her ex-husband’s family.

Choi’s former father-in-law.
Kadooria at  111-133 Kadoorie Ave, Kadoorie Hill, HK in Ho Man Tin

The recent revelation regarding the property ownership of a unit at Kadooria at  111-133 Kadoorie Ave, Kadoorie Hill, HK in Ho Man Tin has raised eyebrows and generated much interest among the public. The property, worth HK$72.8 million, was reportedly purchased by the deceased, Choi in July 2019. The entire payment was made in October of the same year without any mortgage records, according to available information. The sales contract for the property was signed by Choi’s former father-in-law and witnessed by a lawyer, but there is no record of Choi’s signature or involvement in the transaction. This has led to speculation about the actual ownership of the property, and whether it was a gift or a loan to her former father-in-law. Moreover, the purchase of a subsidised sales flat in Kwai Chung by Choi’s former father-in-law has added to the intrigue. He reportedly purchased a unit at Sheung Man Court for about HK$2.18 million in 2020 and applied for a mortgage of about HK$2.07 million from HSBC.

Pao stressed that Choi’s decision to sell the apartment was purely an investment decision and not the result of financial distress. She intended to relocate Alex Kwong’s family to another apartment after the sale. According to Pao, Choi was financially secure and money was not a concern for her. Despite her wealth, Choi adored her four children and personally chauffeured them to and from school every day. To ensure their safety, she employed multiple drivers. One driver was responsible for picking up the two children shared with Chris Tam, while the other was responsible for picking up her ex-husband’s children. Unfortunately, during the Chinese New Year, one of the drivers resigned, and the ex-husband’s family suggested that Anthony take up the position. While Choi agreed, the decision proved to have fatal consequences.

Meanwhile, a Hong Kong actor and model Carlos Koo expressed shock on his Instagram that he used to live in the same village house 2 years ago.

Active investigation by the Regional Crime Unit of Kowloon West is underway. Police do not rule out the possibility that more arrests will be made. Anyone who witnessed the case or has any information to offer is urged to contact the investigating officers on 3661 8281 or 9702 9757.

Police searched for evidence at the village house in Lung Mei Village yesterday.
Police searched for evidence in the surround area of the village house.
Carlos Koo