A quarantined man wearing electronic wristband spotted taking a bus


18th March 2020 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong is using electronic wristbands as part of its effort to enforce quarantines and reduce the spread of the new coronavirus. The wristbands are connected to a smartphone app and will be used to make sure people actually stay at home. The wristband can precisely locate the coordinates of the living space of the person in which he/she would remain under quarantine.

However, a man wearing two electronic devices on his hand and ankle was spotted taking a bus today. His photo was posted on social media and many netizens were angered by the man’s selfish action.

A person who contravenes or knowingly gives false information to the Department of Health is liable on conviction to a HK$5,000 fine and to imprisonment for 6 months. It is unsure if the Department of Health has managed to track the man.