11th September 2019 – (London) Dr Marcus Steven Papadopoulos, a British political journalist, and the founder and editor of Politics First magazine wrote a letter to the Youth of Hong Kong to safeguard their region from British and American colonialism and defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China.

Dear Youth of Hong Kong,

I write this letter to you out of profound concern over what is happening in Hong Kong and in the hope that my words, which I offer to you in the form of a plea, will be taken into consideration by you.

Hong Kong is known across the world for the abundance of rich attractions which it has to offer visitors: its enchanting people, monumental history, splendid culture, intriguing heritage, fascinating architecture, magnificent transportation, graceful wildlife and spectacular natural scenery. Indeed, I have never met someone who, having visited Hong Kong, did not speak of their immense pleasure of having toured this region of the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong is one of the Chinese people’s many historic jewels.

However, Hong Kong has a dark chapter in its history – a chapter written not by the Chinese people but by an aggressive outsider: the British.

Britain waged a brutal war on China in the 19th-century because Beijing refused to allow the British to flood the Chinese market with opium. As a result of that event, known as the Opium Wars, China was defeated and humiliated by the British and, among other degrading acts, forced to cede the historic Chinese region of Hong Kong to the British Empire. For approximately 150 years, Hong Kong was a colony of a ruthless colonial power in which London implemented its dictatorial will in the Chinese region through a British colonial governor there who enjoyed a luxurious and conceited lifestyle on soil which was being exploited by London, even though it was not Britain’s to enjoy in the first place. 

In short, for well over a century, the British reaped the benefits of a piece of Chinese territory which they had stolen from China in the cruelest of circumstances, by having instigated a savage war against the peaceful Chinese nation, and exploited this region with the kind of arrogance and sense of Anglo-Saxon superiority that typified the British Empire. 

I hope that you, the youth of Hong Kong, are aware of the savage and humiliating actions that your ancestors were subjected to by the British. And I hope, too, that you are aware that Britain has never apologized to the people of Hong Kong and China for its monstrous actions during the Opium Wars.

The year 1997 was a defining moment in Chinese history because it was in this year that a historical injustice of immense proportions for China was brought to an end: the return of Hong Kong to the Chinese motherland. Hong Kong is an integral part of the People’s Republic of China. And Hong Kong always has been, and forever will be, Chinese.

In a few weeks’ time, on Oct 1, the Chinese people will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, rejoicing in the extraordinary achievements which have been accomplished by the Communist Party of China. From education to health to jobs to housing to welfare to engineering to science to military to sports to independence and sovereignty, the advancement of the People’s Republic of China has been nothing short of a miracle, both at home and abroad. Never before, in Chinese history, has China been so powerful than the country is today. I salute the magnificent achievements of the Chinese Communist Party!

However, there are countries in the world today which are resentful and envious of the successes of the People’s Republic of China and are intent on limiting and derailing Chinese progress through, among other hostile actions, sowing the seeds of discord in Chinese society, with the aim of collapsing China and then subjugating her. And those hostile countries are the United States and some other Western countries.

Those countries are leading colonial powers in the world which have never lost their appetite and lust for enslaving other countries and plundering their economies and resources. 

In relation to China, those countries have shown their disdain for Chinese territorial integrity by their close political, economic and military relationships with Taiwan while, at the same time, interfering in Xinjiang in the most sinister of ways. 

Since 1997, some American and British officials have privately lusted after Hong Kong – with some considering it China’s Achilles’ heel because of how, for some 150 years, it was ruled by Britain. 

The ongoing violent protests in Hong Kong by extremists are, without doubt, being orchestrated by the US and some other Western countries, with the objective being to destabilize this Chinese region which, if successful, would jeopardize the Chinese economy and could act as a domino effect by which other regions of the motherland could become affected. 

The protesters have vowed to keep on protesting. Even though they said that the bill is the reason for them having taken to the streets, the reality is that the extradition bill was simply used as a pretext by the protesters. The protesters, who are a fifth column of Western countries, receiving their orders from their masters in Washington, are intent on detaching Hong Kong from China and handing this region over to the Western political forces. 

With the glorious date of Oct 1 approaching, I urge the youth in Hong Kong to be vigilant of a possible major provocation by the protesters against the Chinese authorities in this region, with the aim of making the situation in Hong Kong all the more dangerous.

Chinese youth of Hong Kong, I appeal to you to safeguard your region from British and American colonialism and, in doing so, to defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China. And I appeal to you to ensure that the pain and suffering of your ancestors at the hands of the British during the Opium Wars was not in vain; let the hardships that they incurred serve as a source of patriotism and inspiration for you in your defense of your motherland.

Hong Kong is China!