26th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After police officers wielded their guns at protesters in self defence in Tsuen Wan yesterday, many pro-democracy local media and activists leveraged on pictures taken at the ‘right moment’ to demonstrate police brutality to the world. Despite the fact that one of the police officers purported dropped a gun on the road, it did not change the fact that the protesters were aggressive. Many netizens accused police for acting irrationally because they dropped a gun. Nevertheless, it seems like they are gaining exponential support via the war of perception by reporting half-truth. American social media platforms such as Facebook, Tweeter and Youtube have also recently rallied behind the protesters by disbanding Chinese state owned channels and pages used to discredit them.

One netizen posted a picture of a police officer pointing his revolver at a protester. His caption says ‘Why police fired? Because he said he was being besieged by protesters. Why was he besieged? Because he said he received order that someone would destroy the mahjong outlet at Yi Pei Square, Tsuen Wan. Why someone wants to vandalises the mahjong outlet? Because this is where the triads slashed protesters on 11th August. Why there were people being slashed and assaulted? Because you police officers were working in cahoots with triads! This is the Karma! Don’t blame people for hating you! Their vengeance must have a reason!’ (CLICK HERE FOR THE ORIGINAL FACEBOOK POST)

A picture does speak a thousand words and invoke empathy. Coupled with his catchy caption to put the entire blame on police force for working with triads, this particular one gained 16,000 likes in 8 hours. Source : Lai Kit/ Facebook
The post was shared by Joshua Wong from Demosistō Party on his Facebook today.

A Facebook post by Apple Daily which is owned by Jimmy Lai shows similar picture where a man purportedly knelt on the ground and stood up after being kicked by the police with guns pointed at him. The post obviously did not do any justice to police and it gained 31,000 likes.


In Apple Daily’s original news report, the prequel was conveniently ‘fast forwarded’ so that readers could not see what happened before the police wielded their guns.(Click HERE for the video news by APPLE DAILY).

The police officer was described as ‘an officer who lost control’ in the article. Similar biased reporting can be spotted in the news article by Hong Kong ‘Free’ Press in their news article (Click here) where the prequel was purportedly left out.

We have compiled several videos in our article to show the other side of the story. Meanwhile, the following three videos are sufficient to show the prequel as to why the police officers wielded their guns in self defence. We will leave it to our readers to decide if the use of guns is justified.

One more burning question for our readers to find out, why did the man, reportedly a priest in grey top suddenly lurch forward and kneel down before the police? Watch the following video to form your own judgment.

Man in grey top lurched forward from the crowd to kneel down in front of police for no apparent reason.

As much as we deplore police brutality, we think that media should be more neutral when it comes to reporting the truth. Half-truth and biased reporting will severely tarnish public perception and serve no justice to anyone.