A new Thai Drama secures high viewership with twisted incest and gender-reassignment plots


As cynical as it seems, profit remains the most important measure of success of a film or drama, a Thai producer decided to come up with a mind- boggling plot after losing his plot, well, in our opinion, he did. The new Thai Drama he made, ‘Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew’ has sparkled a heated debate among viewers as it contains twisted incest relationships and gender reassignment plots. Regardless of the controversy, the drama has set record for high viewership rating in Thailand.

Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew
Push, a Thai actor who plays Nira.

The eye-popping sequences take off with the gay main character, Nira who fails to get along with his biological father because of his sexual preference. He then lives together with his step mother instead who relentlessly takes care of him. He becomes so indebted to his stepmother that he gradually develops love and affection for her.

The stepmother repudiates his love not because she is his mother but because she is a lesbian who likes women. Feeling determined, Nira decides to undergo a sex change to become a woman. After transforming into a beautiful woman ( The female character is played by famous Thai actress, Baifern), Nira continues to pursue the stepmother. There are many intimate scenes in the drama between Nira and the step mother.

Just as you think that you are disgusted by the sadistic plot, another perverted scene starts to emerge when Nira’s father starts to fall for him too after he changed sex to become a woman. His father decides to ditch his second wife to pursue Nira.

Nira after undergoing a sex change.

The controversial Thai Drama.