A Mainland visitor’s heartwarming experience on a bus to Tuen Mun


19th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A mainland Chinese visitor shared her unforeseen encounter with the warm-hearted nature of Hong Kong’s residents on social media platform XiaoHongShu, an experience that profoundly altered her preconceived notions about the city.

The woman, who embarked on her journey to Tuen Mun by bus last Saturday to collect her identity card, detailed a touching scene she witnessed. A young girl, suddenly ill, began to vomit as she exited the bus. With her parents seemingly unprepared and distressed, an elderly man nearby quickly stepped in. Without a word and with a stoic expression, he handed over a packet of tissues to assist the family, showcasing an unsolicited act of kindness before quietly departing the scene.

This incident, among others, led the visitor to document her experiences online under the title “A Scene on the Streets of Hong Kong, which gave me a better impression of this city.” She recalled another instance where an elderly local eagerly helped her and her colleagues navigate to a hotel while they were searching for a place to eat.

These small yet significant acts of kindness have not only changed her perspective but have also resonated widely as her post garnered extensive praise from netizens. Many shared their own stories of kindness in Hong Kong, echoing the sentiment that despite a possibly reserved exterior, the locals are profoundly warm and helpful.

One netizen shared a particularly moving experience on a bus where their son was inconsolably crying. A woman in her forties offered a new pack of tissues to help, comforting the child and showing incredible patience and empathy during a traffic jam.