A charismatic police officer gives warning to protesters for flashing laser pointers at them


18th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) A footage which shows a charismatic police officer’s warning to protesters who were flashing laser pointers at them went viral on social media yesterday.

This is what the police officer said to the protesters:

I am using light to shine on the protester who was flashing laser pointer at police officers. That’s right, i am shining on you. Please record his face with video camera.

I can see your face from the video camera. I am shining on you and we are recording you. Do you know that what you have done just now can land you in jail for a maximum of 5 years? By participating in illegal assembly, you will also spend 5 years in jail. We have already recored your face on video. We hope that you can leave immediately. Please give yourself a chance to withdraw. Please remember the deeds of your parents who have nurtured you until today, please leave now.

I am now shining on the person next to you. Don’t need to hide, you are also involved in today’s illegal assembly. Please be responsible for your own actions. I also hope that you will leave immediately. Even though you didn’t flash the laser pointer, you have also participated in an illegal assembly together with your friend. You will also be criminally indicted and please leave immediately before it’s too late. Please also check your group chat on your phone, do you want to lose contact with the rest by going to jail ? If you have participated in illegal assembly, it will be five years, if you have committed criminal damage, you will end up in jail for a maximum period of 10 years + 15 years if you participated in a riot. Please count, 25 years, you would have lost so much of your lifetime. This year is 2019, if you count backwards, 25 years ago, it was 1994. There was no 3G in 1994 and there was also no internet then. What will happen in the next 25 years? Are you willing to sacrifice your future just because of this?

The charismatic police office giving warning to protesters