A broad area of low pressure will bring unsettled weather later this week, typhoon may be formed


26th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) According to Hong Kong Observatory, an anticyclone aloft covered southern China today. Locally, it was mainly fine apart from one or two showers. The weather was very hot in the afternoon, temperatures over many places rose to 33 degrees or above. The maximum temperature recorded at the Observatory was 33.9 degrees, the highest so far this year. The anticyclone aloft will continue to bring generally fine and very hot weather to southern China in the next couple of days. A broad area of low pressure will bring unsettled weather to the central and northern parts of the South China Sea in the latter part of this week. Its development and movement remain uncertain.

The National Meteorological Centre predicts that a tropical depression will form in the waters near the Philippines in early July, and may travel northward to affect eastern South China, bringing wind and rain. It is also forecasted in Europe and the United States that there will be traces of tropical cyclones in the South China Sea, but there are still differences in the intensity forecast and whether a typhoon will be formed. The Observatory predicts that there is a low pressure area in the South China Sea while United States predicts that it can reach the level of a strong typhoon.

Showers will increase gradually in the middle and latter parts of this week.