“A 10,000-Year View” by internationally renowned artist Zheng Chongbin on display at HKMoA from tomorrow onwards

Zheng Chongbin

6th October 2022 – (Hong Kong) As one of the signature events to commemorate its 60th anniversary, the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) invited internationally renowned artist Zheng Chongbin to create a site-specific art installation, “A 10,000-Year View”, which will be on display from tomorrow on the fourth floor of the HKMoA.

Inspired by the new spatial perspective of the HKMoA and the scenery of Hong Kong, Zheng has meticulously made use of light and shade, multimedia images and mixed media to connect the views of Victoria Harbour and HKMoA interiors from the past and the present to the future by forming layers of artistic scenery, and has juxtaposed the installation in harmony with the museum collection on display. This creates dialogues across time, space, mediums and cultures, curating a world of contrasts of sight, perception and bodily experiences.
 Through contrasting the natural mountain scenery and the urban landscape, the concept of this artwork is to reveal multiple dimensions of time. The first tier of scenery is connected by the lower half of each window panel, where water flows from one to the next, which is reminiscent of the passage of time. The second tier of scenery is a cross pattern of mountains composed of several see-through meshes tailor-made for the upper part of the window panels. Looking through the monochrome meshes, audiences will see a gorgeous view of the harbour. In addition, the identical section of dynamic reflective images of Victoria Harbour play on the display, where both the past and present, virtuality and reality coexist, engaging viewers to recall the city’s history and memories in time.
 Zheng graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1984 and obtained a Master of Fine Art degree from San Francisco Art Institute in 1991. He is now based in San Francisco and Shanghai. For many years, Zheng has continuously and systematically developed the intersections and extensions among traditional Chinese ink, the contemporary nature of ink painting, modern Western art and new media. Carrying out the concept and new experiences of light and space from his art in California, he develops a space filled with perception stimulations using the senses of mass, space, light and shade found on-site. This forms his unique and distinctive individual style.
The art installation will be on display from 7th October to 12th April next year on the fourth floor of the HKMoA (10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon). For details, please visit the website at hk.art.museum/en_US/web/ma/exhibitions-and-events/zheng-chongbin-a-10000-year-view.html or call 2721 0116.