9GAG x K11 Art Mall’s “MEME Museum” opens from tomorrow till 5th Sept


15th July 2021 – (Hong Kong) 9GAG, Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website, which allows its users to upload and share “user-generated content” or other content from external social media websites has recently teamed up with K11 Art Mall to open a Meme Museum. There are 7 installations showing more than 100 famous all-time online viral images and videos.

Now let’s talk MEMEs, because, well, Doge, Wojak Feels Guy, Drake, Yao Ming and Distracted Boyfriend MEMEs are how we communicate these days. They’re more than jokes, but how we celebrate and satirise current events, and how we self-deprecate as a community. It’s internet culture, and we’re taking the best of it so you can experience the glory and evolution of some of the most humorous jokes of our time in person.

Haven’t laughed enough? The museum’s also showcasing K11 Art Mall x 9GAG’s one-of-a-kind NTF, exclusive MEME merch (like the These MEMEs Aren’t Ours™ board game specially created for Hong Kong humour), a specially designed MEME Snapio photobooth, and free MEME water tattoos.

The 9GAG x K11 Art Mall’s “MEME Museum” is open from 16th July to 5th September at B2/F, Chi K1 Art Space K11 Art Mall.