9 restaurants under Asia Catering (Holding) Limited close down suddenly affecting more than 100 employees

Kokonoi Sushi Restaurant

1st July 2022 – (Hong Kong) A number of restaurants under the Asia Catering (Holding) Limited suddenly closed down. The Eating Establishment Employees General Union  said today that the 9 restaurants that suddenly closed down under the group include its 3 brands i.e. Ma La Niang Zi, mee lemongrass, and Kokonoi Sushi Restaurant etc.

More than 100 employees were owed wages and MPF contributions for many months, involving more than 2 million Hong Kong dollars. The reason for the closure of the restaurants is not yet known. Its official website has been shut down.

The branches closed down last night and affected employees received notices that they did not have to go to work today. Restaurants with other brands under the group are still in operation. Labour Department has intervened to follow-up on the incident. If the affected employees have questions about their employment rights, they can make enquiries at the branch offices of the Labour Relations Division of the Labour Department and it will provide appropriate assistance to the employees concerned.

One of the mee lemongrass branches closed down today.